Thursday, August 16, 2012

$43/Month Profit for a $50 Investment - Click Earn is the site

Basically Click-Earn is another get paid to click site, but the difference is that the way this site is set up, you can make a substantial profit from it without having to get a million referrals.  The catch is that in order to make a significant profit, it is necessary to make an investment.  If you spend $50 and become Investor level 2, you can earn over $3.50 a day.  Right now you can earn $3.75/day at investor level 2.  That means you can get your initial $50 investment back in 2 weeks, the two weeks after than you can earn another $50, and use that $50 to stay at Investor level 2 for next month.  At that point you are earning $50/month just for clicking on ads for a few minutes each day!

Referrals are only going to earn you around $.50/day at most at investor level 2, so I'm not sure I'd bother with renting them.  At $.25/month for each referral, they'd have to click over half the ads available to them for the whole month to pay for themselves.  The site seems to be a generic Bux site, only with a very generous pay scale for your clicks.  I'm not sure that the site will be around forever, as I don't see how they can support the level of payouts that they are giving, hence my plan to cash out my initial investment ASAP and play the system with its own money for as long as it lasts.

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