Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Neobux Progress Report | Break even on Click-Earn

I just rented my 3rd batch of 100 referrals a little bit ago, and then upgraded to Golden status. I haven't recycled any referrals this week, as I'm not sure what strategy to use the first week or two after I buy them. Overall this week has been pretty profitable. Over 2400 referral clicks this past week on Standard means $12/week, which is over $48/month. My average was over 1.7 for this past week. If that average keeps up, my referrals AND golden upgrade will pay for themselves in 30 days.

Just for example's sake, once I extend my referrals for 240 days, if I can maintain a 1.7 click rate from referrals, 300 referrals would make a PROFIT of $3.44/day.  Over $100/month profit, which means recovering the initial investment ($489) in 5 months, and clearing over $100/month profit from then on.  That's like finding an investment that gives a 125% APR the first year, and is just a straight up $100/month annuity after that.  Now, I don't think the 1.7 click rate will maintain that long, but I'm certainly going to enjoy it while it lasts.  It's an ok investment all the way down to a .7 click rate, and break even all the way down to around .6 depending on how many more referrals I rent.

Today on Click-Earn I just withdrew cash that brings me equal to my initial investment.  Anything further I make on that site is now profit.  Can't say I'm crazy about the amount of time I have to spend clicking for the profit #'s though.

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