Thursday, September 6, 2012

Neobux: Renting referrals as a Golden member seems hard - This made it easy

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As titled said, I think most of the golden or upper level members in NeoBux always encountered the difficulties in renting referrals because there’re always SOLD OUT!
This is the painful moment I have been facing since upgrading into golden membership on NeoBux. For the record, I’ve tried for more than 2 days to rent 100 referrals unsuccessfully. However, today when I was browsing through the NeoBux forum I found out that this issue is also being faced by most of the members. Luckily, some of the helpful members have provided us several useful ways to rent referrals in NeoBux efficiently & effectively. Guess what? The way works & I just got to rent my 100 referrals successfully!
Therefore, I’ve compiled all the necessary steps & published it here to share with the members who have problems in fighting with the rest of the members for renting referrals.
  1. Choose The Correct & Non-Peak Rental Time
    In your personal settings section, select the correct & non-peak rental time based on the global distributions bar. You have 2 renting periods in one day. For sure, the lower bar stands the non-peak hour & it will maximize your rental success rate.

    Moreover, please check your rental effective period based on the quantity of referrals your have as below.

    Less than 201 referrals: You can try to rent from Monday to Saturday.
    Less than 501 referrals: You can try to rent from Tuesday to Saturday.
    More than 500 referrals: You can try to rent from Wednesday to Saturday.
  2. Use The Renting Direct Link
    This is the key of the successful renting. Timing is important in renting referrals, even 1 second count & it makes the BIG different in getting the referrals. Therefore, always uses below link when you try to rent referrals when your time is come.
    Bookmarks this link & always use it to rent your referrals instead of loading the front page & wait for the referrals available button.
  3. Ensure Your Computer Time is Accurate
    Please make sure your computer time is accurate during your renting period because even 1 second different can changes the success rate of your renting.

    Therefore, please set the Internet Time in your right bottom taskbar. Open the Date and Time Properties & set the Internet Time’s Server equal to Press the Update Nowbutton to synchronize the time.
  4. Disable or Stop All Internet Activities During Renting Moment
    Please disable or stop any program that may occupies your internet bandwidth such as Instant Messenger & Downloader. Make sure only you’re using one browser to surf NeoBux during the renting period, no others website surfing are permitted.

    Moreover, it’s recommended to use Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome to rent referrals because both browser are running faster than Internet Explorer. However, it seems the IE8 is faster in my test. Make your choice wisely by testing all of the Internet Browser you’re using.

    Last but not least, you may temporary disable your Antivirus protection because the real-time scanning may delay the file loading as well.
  5. Disable Image Loading In Your Browser
    I’m not sure how effective is it but somehow it may help to load website faster without image loading function enabled. You can disable the image loading function in FireFox by uncheck the load images automatically box in the Tools – Options – Content section.

    Besides this, it’s useful when surfing ads as well as it’ll reduce the waiting of ads credited.
Above are the experiences I have in renting the referrals successfully in NeoBux. You may try it for yourself & see how effective it is. Moreover, I should thanks for denfel for posted the guide of renting referrals in NeoBux. You may check the original post in NeoBux’s forum in this link. There are more you can learn inside.
Last but not least. I wish all of you having a great day & success in getting more referrals in NeoBux!

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